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ICT&Health, the official and largest healthcare innovation knowledge hub, shaping the future of healthcare. Collaborating with specialists and policymakers across the spectrum of healthcare, we illuminate pivotal advancements and foster collaborations.

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Imagine a dynamic platform that reveals the latest developments, technological innovations, research, and opportunities in the healthcare sector. Welcome to ICT&Health, the premier healthcare innovation and knowledge platform.

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John Halamka
John Halamka

President of the Mayo Clinic Platform

“The ICT&health conferences are intrinsically linked to the future of healthcare”

Aashima Gupta
Aashima Gupta

CEO of Healthcare Google Cloud

“ICT&health is relevant to the healthcare sector and separates the wheat from the chaff”

Bjorn Zoega
Björn Zoëga

CEOKarolinska University Hospital

“ICT&health represents an unparalleled commitment to the evolution of healthcare”

This is what we stand for

Better Healthcare
Technologies and groundbreaking innovations are reshaping the way we provide and receive care! Technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), e-consultations, smart data, Robotics, and Virtual Reality (VR) are emerging, with an increasing number of new players entering the healthcare arena. Additionally, the Ministry of Health, Welfare, and Sport has set clear ambitions to improve care through smart technologies and innovations, tackle staff shortages, share knowledge, and empower patients.

Insight and Overview by ICT&health
But what do these changes actually mean? How do we maintain affordable care with a growing elderly population? What technological innovations are heading our way? Which ones are relevant? What are the experiences? How is the implementation progressing? What are the legal frameworks, and how do we manage it financially?

These are all questions relevant to stakeholders, and ICT&Health addresses and answers them.
We provide relevant insights, tools, and knowledge for a sustainable future in healthcare.

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