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Digital Health And Pandemics: What Covid-19 Reveals About The Challenges

"Covid-19 has been an eye-opener for digital health, with some expectations and promises realised, others unfulfilled and yet others taking us by surprise. Unfolding events...

Articles That Will Keep You Up To Date With Advances In Digital Health

Our Editorial Board members recommend nine must-read articles. Carefully selected from hundreds of news, these publications are an expert overview of what is currently happening...

Technology Adoption In Healthcare: It’s More Than The Technical Features

Despite the constant development of healthcare technologies, many challenges still persist, usually ones that go beyond the technology itself to involve other contextual factors.

Overcoming Hurdles Towards Health Data Transformation

Key recommendations from the online workshop “Trust, citizen empowerment and the role of digital literacy on health data sharing” organized within the Health Data Forum.

“We need data to be timely, more granular, and of higher quality”

What have we learned about the digitalization of health systems in Europe during the COVID-19? What is to be improved in terms of health policy...

Let’s Make Robots! They Will Save Us

Interview with Professor Zbigniew Nawrat, President of the International Society for Medical Robotics (ISMR). We talk about AI-driven machines in healthcare and the latest achievements...


What are Digital Therapeutics? How big is the market today and how will it develop in the future? A summary of the up-to-date information about...

White Paper: Rethinking Digital Therapeutics’ Strategies

The great momentum being generated by Digital Therapeutics (DTx) in North America and Europe is second to no other digital health segment today. Indeed, the...