Dutch medtech startups are doing well in 2016

Dutch medtech startups are doing well. In 2016 Dutch startups altogether raised at least 252 million euro in funding – almost 180 million euro less as compared to last year. A lack of real outliers and skews this year results in a notable drop in funds, unfortunately.

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But even though the total numbers aren’t too impressive, investments in medtech companies Excel, according to StartupJuncture. The company  reports on  and collect all funding news about Dutch startups, in order to provide insights into the Dutch investment climate.

In 2015 StartupJuncture counted 150+ deals. This year the number was slightly lower: 143. ‘We noted a big difference in the average deal size, being 1.79 million euro in 2016, as compared to 2.82 million euro in 2015. The median investment this year was similar to that of last year: 650.000 euro.’

Medtech startups are well represented in 2016’s top 5 of funding rounds. Rank 1, 4 and 5 are for  G-Therapeutics (implants for paraplegia patients), Nightbalance (sleep apnea) and BlueBee (DNA analytics). Gadeta (6) is just behind. Bynder (marketing software) and GitLab (coding platform) got silver and bronze.

A look at the top 5:


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