New patent for Apple, making an ECG with your watch

It’s becoming more likely, that Apple soon introduces a smart watch, which not only measures your heartbeat, which the current smart watch already can, but can also make a ECG.

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Data from the US Patent & Trademark Office, the agency responsible for granting patents and registering brands. A document leaked from this agency shows that apple requested a patent on a wearable which makes ECG’s possible.

Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO earlier this year explained that they strive, he calls it his Holy Grail, to make it possible for their Apple Watch to measure all kinds of vital functions of the human body. Their current watch already has a heart rate monitor.

AliveCor developed in the beginning of this year their “Kardiaband”. This watch strap was created for the Apple Watch and ahs a built-in ECG monitor.

With the new leaked information and the existence of this band it is quite obvious that Apple soon will be presenting their new smart watch, which takes them closer to their Holy Grail. Which other digital health options the watch will have is not yet known. More coming soon so stay tuned.

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