NBA and Kaiser Permanente partner to discuss mental health

April 12, 2017
Curry used the sensory deprivation pod last basketball season, to get away from critics — and the fast pace of the world. The pod helps him to master his thoughts, calm his body down and find some peace of mind before and after his on-field performances. According to the MVP, he is only at his best when his mind is at its best.

The “Overcome” spot is part of the new “Train the Mind” campaign by the NBA and Kaiser Permanente.

###Kaiser Permanente###

De-stigmatising depression

Non-profit organisation Kaiser Permanente states that the spot was designed to spark conversation about mental wellness. They state that improving mental health is too often overlooked. When discussing health, people mostly focus on the physical: eating well, exercising and seeing a doctor. It is, however, just as important to take care of your mental wellbeing. To further spread the message about mental health, Kaiser Permanente has decided to run the campaign everywhere; even in areas where they are offered. Kaiser Permanente states that this should help in promoting the message of mental wellness, instead of the organisations.

Self-motivation and positive reinforcement

The campaign shows Curry recalling all of the criticisms he faces daily: he’s struggling, overrated, too flashy and not that great. He then steps into the sensory deprivation pod, which gives him the opportunity to meditate, reflect and focus. The criticisms flow away and Curry’s thoughts become more positive, focussing on three words: calm, strong and focussed. According to Kaiser Permanente, it is important to note that it’s not necessarily the pod which helps Curry: it’s meditation, self-motivation, focus, deep breathing, and mindfulness.

The advertisement is accompanied with interviews about mind and mental wellness. Los Angeles Clippers guard Chris Paul, will be featured in future content. Viewers are encouraged to join the conversation by using #TrainTheMind to share personal stories of dealing with pressure and expectations.