Watching movie during operation could prevent tress and help recovery process

August 10, 2016
As of August 9th a pilot started at AMC’s  department of Surgery. 25 patients will be offered music during an operation, another 25 can watch a movie. Head phones and special video glasses will be used. After the operation the patients’ hartrate and blood pressure will be measured on several occations.

According to surgeon and professor of gaming and simulation Marlies Schijven, an operation is usually stressful for a patient. This stress can influence the way the patients experiences the operation and the period directly afterwards. At the moment stress and pain are usually taken away with medication. Schijven wanted to know if there are other ways to combat stress and the way pain is experienced. “Especially stress might be reduced with other additional means such as watching a movie or listening to your favorite music.”

On Tuesday August 9th the first patient participating in the test was operated on her ankle while watching a movie. She experienced being able to watch a movie as an enrichment and a luxery. “I could just watch a movie while everybody around me was working hard.”