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In The Hague, the population of vulnerable and elderly residents is growing. Generally, these residents prefer to remain at home, even when they require assistance or support. The demand for care is rising, and the shortage of healthcare personnel is also increasing. This scarcity calls for new, more intelligent solutions.

Within the action program “Care & Innovation,” the municipality of The Hague focuses on the use of technological innovation in healthcare, both in private homes and in the healthcare sector. By organizing the care and support for both young and old more intelligently, residents of The Hague can live independently at home for (longer) periods. The resident is always at the center: we work for and alongside The Hague’s residents to develop new ideas and solutions. As a member of the ICT&health Innovation Partner Group, the Municipality of The Hague is eager to share our knowledge with the healthcare sector and all other municipalities in the Netherlands. We’re enthusiastic about collaborating to transform healthcare into a more future-proof system.

Tom Xhofleer

Den Haag

Spui 70, 2511 BT Den Haag
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