Pharmacy 2.0

Dispensing medication is possible in a lot of different ways. Ther are 3D printers to help you dose your pills, your mobile phone can warn you when its time to take your medication and so on. But soon there’ll be a unique product to aid you, the Pillo, a dispenser that also monitors your health.

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Pillo is a robot with various possibilities. Intelligent software reads the medical data from patients and learns from it. It stores medication for numerous people and dispenses it to the right person. It uses facial- and voice recognition to recognise the patient. Besides that the Pillo has the possibility to contact specialists if there are medical questions.

The robot can also be linked with smart phones and tablets, so it can send a warning signal when pills need to be taken. It also registers when medication is running out and it can order if needed.

Pillo could be a time- and moneysaving aid in hospitals, healthcare- and nursing homes. At this moment Pillo is being crowd funded on Indiegogo, to make sure it’ll be in homes in the near future.

Meet Pillo:


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