Philips expands OB/GYN ultrasound portfolio with new visualization tools

Health technology company Philips has debuted its TrueVue, GlassVue and aRevealA.I. capabilities on Philips EPIQ 7 and 5 and Affiniti 70 and 50 ultrasound systems. The visualization tools work together to enable photorealistic, transparent and 3D visualization in just one touch, delivering more reproducible and lifelike ultrasound images than traditional Technologies, Philips states.

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The new OB/GYN ultrasound tools should allowing clinicians to further explore the anatomic evaluation of the fetus, said Dr. Michael Ruma, maternal-fetal medicine specialist at Perinatal Associates of New Mexico. “A clinician’s relationship with our patients is at its heart a personal one, especially during pregnancy. The ability to provide high-quality, lifelike images not only helps clinicians improve diagnostic confidence, but also supports the important connection between mother and fetus.”

Focus on client

With the enhanced clinical and workflow offerings of TrueVue, GlassVue and aRevealA.I., clinicians are able to focus on the patient rather than the ultrasound system and diagnose complex obstetric and gynecological situations earlier and with greater confidence. The new OB/GYN suite of innovations is supposed offers greater insight for clinicians so that they may elevate patient care, even for patients that are the most difficult to image technically.

The suite of visualization tools includes:

  • TrueVue photorealistic 3D visualization, with its virtual light source, is a proprietary advanced 3D ultrasound display method that delivers lifelike 3D ultrasound images and gives the operator the ability to move the light source anywhere in the 3D volume.
  • GlassVue transparent 3D visualization, with its internal light source, provides an early, more transparent view of the fetal anatomy than traditional ultrasound. It goes beyond the surface to reveal bone, organs and other internal structures.
  • aReveal Anatomically Intelligent Ultrasound (AIUS)  3D fetal face algorithm automatically removes extraneous information to quickly and easily reveal the 3D fetal face. One touch reveals the fetal face, and one touch reverses the process.

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