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Bart de Witte

Hippo AI Foundation

As we delve into the transformative realm of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in healthcare, let’s embark on a journey with Bart de Witte, a distinguished authority shaping this landscape. In a world where AI is both a boon and a potential pitfall for healthcare access, Bart warns of an imminent “anti-Gutenberg moment” if AI isn’t democratized, risking data monopolies that could reshape the medical field. Transitioning from a successful career at IBM, he founded the non-profit Hippo AI Foundation, dedicated to open-source AI for healthcare with a focus on data solidarity and patient participation.

Bart’s extensive roles as a scientific board member and advisor, influencing policy decisions at the crossroads of technology, innovation, and healthcare, highlight his global impact. His counsel to governments, including key positions with the WHO and the UN Office of the Secretary General, underscores his commitment to reshaping healthcare on a global scale. Recognized with the prestigious German AI Awards, Bart’s groundbreaking projects, such as addressing breast cancer through AI, showcase his dedication to solving global challenges aligned with UN SDGs.

We’re honored to welcome Bart de Witte, dubbed the “Robin Hood of data,” to share his insights at the upcoming ICT&health World Conference. In his talk, Bart will not only explore the alternative vision of regenerative AI but also delve into the crucial question overlooked by many ethical frameworks: who owns the future of AI? Join us as Bart guides us through this visionary exploration, emphasizing collaboration, open-source data solidarity, and community ownership, as we collectively shape the future of AI in healthcare.

“Let’s shape a future where healthcare transcends boundaries. Join me at the ICT&health World Conference to explore, innovate, and drive change. Together, we can create a world where health equity is a reality.”

Tom Xhofleer