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Helen Mertens

Vice President
Maastricht UMC+

Helen Mertens, CEO of Maastricht UMC+, is a visionary leader in healthcare and technology. She believes in the power of digitalization to empower patients and transform healthcare. Under her leadership, Maastricht UMC+ is pioneering “hybrid care,” blending digital tools with traditional medicine. She is driving the Knowledge and Innovation Agenda for Southeast Netherlands and fostering collaboration to shape the healthcare of the future.

Helen’s vision extends to personalized healthcare through digital innovation, with the goal of making healthcare more efficient, patient-centric, and accessible. Her commitment to bridging the gap between healthcare and technology makes her a top keynote speaker at the ICT&health World Conference 2024.

Join us at the conference to hear Helen Mertens and other experts share their insights on the future of healthcare.

“Discover the future of healthcare with us, where patients and technology converge for a healthier world.”

Tom Xhofleer