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Jan Håvard Skjetne

Research Manager

Meet Jan, an esteemed professional whose expertise lies at the intersection of pioneering research and innovation within SINTEF, a leading European research institution.

At SINTEF, Jan delves into multidisciplinary realms encompassing technology, natural sciences, and social sciences. Since its inception in 1950, SINTEF has carved a path of innovation through rigorous research endeavors, catering to both business and public sector needs, both domestically and internationally.

Jan’s pivotal work revolves around a groundbreaking initiative known as SMILE, a project aimed at crafting SMart Inclusive Living Environments (SLE) empowered by innovative eHealth solutions. The primary goal? Facilitating aging in place by fostering environments that not only bolster independent living for older individuals but also cultivate collaboration and knowledge exchange within their care networks.

SINTEF, a non-profit research foundation, stands steadfast in its commitment to societal advancement. Collaborating closely with the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), it spearheads research spanning natural sciences, technology – including construction and civil engineering – as well as health and social sciences. Jan’s contributions align perfectly with this mission, harnessing top-tier expertise and synergizing efforts with NTNU, businesses, administrative bodies, and various educational and research institutions.

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