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Marc Noppen

Vice President
UZ Brussel

Marc Noppen is a trailblazer in healthcare, with an unwavering belief in the power of innovation and global collaboration. As the CEO of UZ Brussel, he has distinguished himself through his vision for healthcare transformation and his steadfast commitment to elevating healthcare to new heights. With his passion for progress and leadership, he has steered UZ Brussel toward innovative pathways where technology and care converge to enhance patient well-being.

Marc will deliver an inspiring keynote at the ICT&health World Conference on May 14-16, 2024, emphasizing the crucial role of healthcare transformation and global collaboration. He will showcase compelling examples of technological advancements and innovations reshaping healthcare, offering a clear vision of the sector’s future.

His call to action will resonate with everyone who believes in the power of collaboration and advancement in healthcare. Marc Noppen not only brings insight but also extends an invitation to all influential figures in healthcare to join us at the conference.

“Innovation in healthcare is not just a choice but a moral obligation. Collaboration, technology, and a deep-rooted dedication to the patient are the driving forces behind a healthcare revolution that benefits us all.”

Marc extends a heartfelt invitation to all key players in healthcare to join us at the conference, shaping the future of healthcare together.

Tom Xhofleer