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Maria Henneman

Conference Host

Meet the accomplished and seasoned professional who will be guiding you through our prestigious ICT&health World Conference 2024—our distinguished Conference Host, Maria Henneman. With a career spanning journalism, media, policy, and governance, Maria brings a wealth of experience to this gathering of government officials, healthcare CEOs, and professionals.

Maria’s illustrious background as a journalist, editor-in-chief, and strategic communication expert makes her the perfect choice to lead our event. Her extensive experience in steering conversations, both in the media and boardrooms, ensures that this conference will be a seamless blend of expertise, insights, and thoughtful engagement.

What to Expect
As our Conference Host, Maria will set the tone for the event, introducing esteemed speakers, moderating discussions, and ensuring that every aspect of the conference flows seamlessly. Her dedication to fostering meaningful dialogue and informed decision-making aligns perfectly with the mission of the ICT&health World Conference 2024.

“In the realm of healthcare and technology, we have the power to shape a brighter future. I am honored to guide the conversations and knowledge exchange at the ICT&health World Conference 2024, where we’ll explore innovative solutions that will transform the landscape of healthcare. Join me on this inspiring journey.”

Tom Xhofleer