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Masi Mohammadi

Scientific Director
The DEEL Academy

Professor Masi Mohammadi is a pioneering researcher committed to transforming healthcare and smart living environments. Leading the ‘Empathic Environment’ research program, she explores the convergence of technology and societal elements within smart, healthy neighborhoods.

Her mission centers on forging an evidence-driven framework. It seamlessly integrates emerging technologies like domotics, AI, robotics, and IoT into architectural constructs while aligning with end-users’ genuine needs. This aims to usher in a new era of smart homes, meticulously evaluated for their impact on user experiences and the socio-spatial fabric.

A team of 17 dedicated PhD and PDEng researchers, in collaboration with research institutions, industry leaders, and Dutch housing and care organizations, supports these transformative endeavors.

Real-world empirical validation is pivotal. ‘Empathic Living Labs’ serve as tangible demonstrators, fostering interdisciplinary partnerships among research, industry, and practical stakeholders. Implementation across ten Living Labs throughout the Netherlands aims to evaluate emerging housing typologies and their profound influence on well-being, health, and social engagement.

Her commitment to research has earned recognition and support from esteemed organizations, including grants from Interreg Europe program (IV), Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO), Netherlands Organization for Health Research and Development (ZonMW), and the Province of North Brabant.

In her visionary outlook, homes and streets evolve into adaptive living ecosystems that empathize with us, becoming socially intelligent environments that truly “care.”