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Michel van Genderen

Erasmus MC

Michel van Genderen is a visionary figure in healthcare, reshaping the future with his leadership as an Internist-Intensivist at Erasmus MC. In response to the critical nurse shortages brought to the forefront by the COVID-19 pandemic, Michel co-founded the pioneering initiative known as REAiHL (Responsible AI in Healthcare Lab).

Realizing that the pandemic highlighted the necessity for a fundamental transformation in healthcare delivery, Michel van Genderen took the helm by launching the Datahub initiative in 2022. This strategic move lays the foundation for the development of cutting-edge AI models aimed at providing support and easing the burden on healthcare professionals.

Michel’s vision for AI is both clear and compelling: By harnessing data and advanced computer modeling, he aims to predict patient treatment outcomes and streamline healthcare systems for optimal efficiency. His ultimate goal is to empower healthcare providers with AI-driven insights, allowing them to dedicate more quality time to patient care. This not only enhances patient retention but also elevates the overall healthcare experience.

Michel van Genderen personifies the Netherlands’ commitment to healthcare innovation, with a strong focus on data-driven healthcare and patient-centric approaches. The Netherlands serves as an ideal platform for international collaborations in healthcare transformation.

“Together, we can harness technology, expertise, and innovation to enhance patient well-being, drive progress, and establish new global standards in healthcare.”