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Maaike Kleinsmann

Professor in Design for Digital Transformation
TU Delft

Maaike, Medial Delta professor in Design for Digital Transformation at the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering (IDE) of Delft University of Technology and the Heart Lung Centre of the Leiden Medical Centre, is a leader in various (inter)national research groups and consortia, including Edison-RPM and the Convergence program Healthy Start. As the founder of the International Special Interest Group of Health Systems Design and a board member of the National eHealth Living Lab (NeLL), she actively contributes to advancing healthcare methodologies.

Her research focuses on pioneering co-creative and data-driven design approaches that empower ecosystems—comprising public and private organizations and users—to navigate the digital transformation of healthcare. Emphasizing system-level solutions, her work centers on integrating human values, intentions, wishes, and behaviors. Beyond academia, Maaike provides strategic guidance to companies through design-driven innovation and transdisciplinary approaches.

“Empowering healthcare through innovative design and data-driven solutions is my passion. Let’s shape a future where technology meets humanity in the pursuit of better well-bein

Tom Xhofleer