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Safaa Almajthoub

CEO, CSO, Global Transformation Expert
Seha Virtual Hospital, Ministry of Health KSA

Safaa Almajthoub, a CEO with extensive expertise and qualifications including a DBA, MHA, SPP, and CCMP, is recognized as a leading figure in healthcare leadership, innovation, and global transformation. Committed to enhancing healthcare services on both local and international levels, Safaa prioritizes the development of scalable and innovative care models.

Currently at the helm of a prominent organization with a strategic vision to expand access to healthcare and enhance overall well-being through integrated care pathways, which incorporate a blend of physical home visits and telemedicine leveraging digital technologies for monitoring, Safaa also serves as the Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Seha Virtual Hospital. This pioneering initiative, the largest virtual hospital globally and a trailblazer in the Middle East, sees Safaa driving transformative initiatives, shaping regulatory frameworks, and redefining services to reshape the healthcare landscape.

On the global stage, Safaa represents the Ministry of Health’s Digital Health Center of Excellence, collaborating with esteemed organizations such as the World Health Organization to craft impactful resources in telemedicine and artificial intelligence for healthcare. In collaboration with the World Health Organization and other member states, she has co-developed impactful work on a “Consolidated Telemedicine Guide” and “Overview of Regulatory Concepts on Artificial Intelligence for Health.” Furthermore, as an author and developer of regulations and governance guide for “Cross-Border Telehealth Services,” Safaa Almajthoub continues to contribute significantly to shaping the global healthcare landscape.

Moreover, Safaa’s extensive exposure to both public and private sectors positions her uniquely to navigate the complexities of healthcare transformation. Her leadership spans across various sectors, enabling her to bridge the gap between governmental initiatives and private sector innovation effectively.

Safaa is deeply involved in healthcare transformation programs aligned with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030. Her expertise and leadership play a pivotal role in advancing initiatives aimed at realizing the healthcare objectives outlined in Vision 2030, contributing to the nation’s progress towards a healthier and more prosperous future. Safaa is a frequent speaker and expert advisor, both regionally and internationally, on healthcare transformation Vision 2030.

Recognized with the Middle East Women Leaders Award in 2022, Safaa holds master’s degrees in healthcare administration and Organizations and Leadership for Sustainability. Currently pursuing a Doctor of Business Administration, Safaa is propelled by her fervent dedication to advancing healthcare through innovation, collaboration, and strategic leadership, with a vision to create a brighter and healthier future for all.

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