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Seth Hain

Senior Vice President of R&D

Meet Seth Hain, the visionary Senior Vice President of R&D at Epic, dedicated to advancing healthcare through the strategic integration of analytics and machine learning. With over 18 years of experience at Epic, Seth has played a pivotal role in enhancing core analytics and AI technologies, applying them seamlessly to the clinical domain.

As a leader in the field, Seth has not only steered the system and performance team, focusing on database performance and architecture, but has also emerged as a trailblazer in leveraging data science for impactful healthcare solutions.

Join Seth Hain at the ICT&health World Conference 2024 and discover the solutions for demographic challenges and delve into AI’s transformative potential in shaping medicine’s future. Learn how his passion for innovation is reshaping the landscape of healthcare, driving efficiency, and ultimately improving patient care.

Don’t miss the opportunity to be inspired by Seth Hain’s transformative journey in healthcare!

“Innovation is the heartbeat of progress. Let’s reimagine healthcare together.”

Tom Xhofleer