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Stephanie Klein Nagelvoort Schuit

Vice President

Meet Professor Stephanie Klein Nagelvoort-Schuit, a distinguished keynote speaker at the upcoming ICT&health World Conference. Stephanie’s unwavering commitment to advancing healthcare through innovation is evident in her distinguished career, marked by over two decades of impactful contributions.

As the Professor of Future Healthcare, Acute Medicine Internist, and Vice-Chair of the Board at UMCG, Stephanie has been at the forefront of seamlessly integrating digitalization, education, epidemiology & biostatistics, data-informed decision-making, and streamlined workflow processes into the future of healthcare.

Her dedication to elevating healthcare goes beyond her official roles, actively participating in critical healthcare initiatives. Stephanie’s involvement in the Advisory Committee for Package Care of the Netherlands Care Institute and her role as a Board Member of NFU (Dutch Federation of University Medical Centers) showcases her leadership and influence in shaping the landscape of healthcare.

At the conference, Stephanie Klein Nagelvoort-Schuit will share insights into the transformative journey of healthcare. Her keynote address will highlight the pivotal role of digitalization, medical technology, and collaborative initiatives. Join us in gaining valuable perspectives from this trailblazer dedicated to shaping a healthcare landscape that truly serves both patients and healthcare professionals.

Let us collectively contribute to shaping the future of healthcare, embracing the opportunities that innovation brings.

Tom Xhofleer