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Sverre Bergh

Physician. PhD. Research leader
Sykehuset Innlandet

Sven, a trailblazer at the Innlandet Hospital Trust, stands as the driving force behind the revolutionary SMILE Living Lab, a pioneering initiative redefining elderly care. His extensive expertise in age-related health challenges fuels innovative approaches that seamlessly integrate home-based care within healthcare systems. Spearheading the collaboration with municipalities in Gudbrandsdalen, Sven ensures a cohesive care structure for those with chronic conditions like COPD, forging unprecedented connections between local hospitals and municipal health systems.

Drawing upon the resources of the Research Centre for Age-related Functional Decline, Sven advocates for technology-enabled aging in place, showcasing a commitment to user-centered innovation. His leadership within the SMILE project not only enhances healthcare services but also amplifies citizen-centric care models, marking a transformative shift from acute to home care while prioritizing individual health needs.

Beyond technicalities, Sven meticulously curates participant recruitment, upholding ethical standards and comprehensive training for optimal utilization of the SMILE environment. His vision extends to sustained stakeholder engagement, adopting a patient-centered approach that fosters co-creation through iterative design workshops, culminating in the groundbreaking SMILE smart living ecosystem and Conversational Agent.

Looking ahead, Sven envisions a lasting impact, integrating the Living Lab into a cohesive collaboration strategy between Innlandet Hospital Trust and the municipal health system, ensuring sustained regional healthcare advancements.

Sven cordially invites attendees of the ICT&health Congress to delve into the transformative world of SMILE, an opportunity to explore the future of healthcare innovation. He eagerly anticipates sharing insights and meeting with participants to discuss the profound implications of reshaping elderly care in the contemporary landscape.

Tom Xhofleer