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Wim van Harten

Chairman Executive Board
Rijnstate Hospital

Professor Dr. Wim van Harten is a distinguished healthcare leader, serving as the Chairman of the Executive Board at Rijnstate Hospital in Arnhem and Elst, Gelderland, Netherlands. Rijnstate is a top clinical teaching hospital, with approximately 6,500 employees and multiple locations.

Rijnstate plays a vital role in providing not only essential healthcare for the local community but also top-level specialized care through its expertise centers. The hospital is often referred to by regional and national healthcare facilities to offer advanced medical care and treatment.

Wim’s dedication to healthcare extends beyond his role at Rijnstate. He is a part-time professor of quality management and healthcare technology at the University of Twente, and he serves as a scientific group leader at the NKI, where he guides and mentors the next generation of healthcare professionals and researchers.

As an advocate for healthcare technology, quality improvement, and patient empowerment, Wim’s contributions have had a significant impact on healthcare practices and advancements in Europe. With a commitment to sustainability, he has played a pivotal role in making Rijnstate Hospital in Elst the first climate-neutral hospital in Europe if not worldwide.

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