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Crowd funded ehealth helps people to monitor weight and sleep better

Crowd funding initiatives are used more often to finance ehealth technology. Even big companies like Samsung use crowd funding. A recent example is the smart belt Samsung launched on Kickstarter. It monitors a number of body functions like your waist size. Kickstarter is also used to financine the iBand+, a headmounted wearable used to improve sleep.

Samsung uses Kickstarter to finance an fashion related wearable that measures several  body functions. This WELT was developed by Samsungs C-Lab and firs shown during the CES consumer event in Las Vegas earlier this year.

The WELT measurs functions such as the number of steps, how long someone is sitting down or the users’ waist size. Al data is collected on a smartphone app. The WELT will be sold to the general public starting 2017. Untill October early birds can order a WELT through Kickstarter at a reduced price, starting at 89 euro’s.

Sleep enhancing

Another health related crowd funding project on Kickstarter is the iBand+. Its’s a sleep enhancing device. This head-mounted gadget keeps track of sleeping cycles, monitoring body movement, heart rate and temperature. The app can then control music based on the users’ habits, helping to ease him or her into sleep.

In addition, the wearable provides recommendations for better sleeping, based on previous sleeping sessions. Don’t want to wake up startled and tired? This headband can also tell when the best time to wake you up is.

Lucid dreaming

The product, that is not related to Apple in any way,  also helps induce lucid dreaming.  In essence, it is a state of consciousness in dreams. This means that, during a dream, people can actually recognize they are are dreaming. It is then possible to take control of the dream, often with no limitations. This can be fun, or it can be helpful if someone is plagued by nightmares.

In the case of the iBand+, the sensors will recognize when REM (rapid eye movement) sleep starts , which is the sleep state in which we dream. When REM is recognized, the unit will flash lights and play audio, which could then leak into a persons dreams. The plan is to remember these cues come from the headset when someone see them in their dreams. The dreamer should then be able to realise he or she is dreaming.

Read more about the iband on Kickstarter.


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