Everyone can encounter physical, emotional, and psychological challenges. By altering habits in thinking and behavior, individuals can regain control over their lives. Minddistrict contributes to facilitating sustainable changes in thinking and behavior. Through the smart use of technology, we provide personalized, tailored care that seamlessly integrates into people's daily lives.

Founded in 2008, Minddistrict has become the market leader in e-health in the Netherlands, with branches in the UK and Germany. Additionally, we possess an international research network. Over 200,000 users across more than 8 countries rely on Minddistrict to achieve sustainable change.

Minddistrict boasts extensive experience in developing and implementing e-health solutions. Our broad client base includes mental healthcare institutions, such as the collaborative alliance Gx, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, care groups (POH), and social services.

  • Jan Evertsenstraat 723, 1061 XZ Amsterdam
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