Maastricht UMC+

The Maastricht UMC+ is committed to making healthcare more affordable and accessible. They achieve this by investing in providing the right care in the right place and enhancing data management to promote efficiency. Moreover, a significant part of their investment focuses on healthcare innovation with smart technologies, prevention, and sustainability. Dr. Helen Mertens, Chair of the Board of Directors of the MUMC+, firmly believes that innovation not only leads to better healthcare and health promotion but can also alleviate work pressure.

In their vision document 'Digital Care Strategy 2025' (pdf), Maastricht UMC+ openly expresses its ambition to become a leader in the Netherlands in terms of digitization. According to the MUMC+ board, digitization is no longer merely a wish but a necessity. Therefore, Maastricht UMC+ is fully committed to digital solutions, showcasing strong examples like the 'TeleCheck-AF' app aiding patients with heart arrhythmias and the 'MijnIBDCoach' app for individuals with chronic bowel issues.

The board also emphasizes the importance of sharing and implementing successful digital initiatives beyond their hospital walls. They acknowledge the challenges stemming from regulations, finances, and reluctance to scale up innovations. However, they rightly question why proven effective applications are not adopted more widely. Only then can these innovations have a widespread impact and sustainably maintain the entire healthcare system accessible in the long run. As a member of the ICT&health Innovation Partner Group, they aim to share knowledge and expertise, accelerating healthcare transformation and fostering sustainable collaborations.

Maastricht UMC+
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