Omring believes in providing a dignified old age for everyone. Vulnerable elderly individuals require more care and support, and that's precisely what Omring offers in a caring and personalized manner. We do this alongside 4,500 colleagues and 2,200 volunteers.

Together, the best care nearby Caring is a collaborative effort. Primarily, it involves the individual in question, but it also extends to their surroundings. Providing caring support is impossible without the people who love them. Therefore, we integrate with the circle around the resident or client. Additionally, we collaborate with other partners in and around the care sector, each with their own expertise.

Our own employees possess unique skills and specialties, forming the core of Omring, allowing us to deliver the best care.

Because vulnerability is hard to predict, our closeness is crucial. Being there is of paramount importance. Closeness isn't just about physical proximity; it's more about being emotionally close. We are there when our clients need us.

The four core values In everything we do, we focus on four core values: autonomy, togetherness, positivity, and resourcefulness. These values are embedded in the DNA of our organization and our employees.

Autonomy, allowing individuals to take control, is always our starting point. We provide care and support without taking over. No matter how vulnerable someone is, we always respect their autonomy and dignity. The client remains at the center, with their unique background, personality, needs, and desires.

As previously mentioned, collaboration is key at Omring. With clients, family members, volunteers, caregivers, and other care partners, we leverage each other's strengths and complement one another.

Our core value of positivity is evident every day. We believe in Positive Health, where the emphasis isn't on illness but on the individuals themselves. We focus on their resilience, possibilities, and what makes their life meaningful.

Furthermore, we are resourceful. We're creative and always seek solutions and opportunities. We empower our professionals to do what's right – sometimes challenging conventional norms. This defines the strength of our organization. With this strength, we can offer vulnerable elderly individuals the caring and personalized support they deserve.

As a member of the ICT&health Innovation Partner Group, we're eager to share our experiences, knowledge, and expertise with our colleagues in the care sector and other interested parties so that they too can benefit.

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