The future of healthcare is undergoing a significant transformation. With a growing demand for patient-centered care, ongoing digital advancements, and the quest for new revenue models topping the agenda, healthcare providers must restructure their approaches.

Deloitte aims to take an active role within the healthcare ecosystem, collaborating with other stakeholders to reinforce and accelerate these developments. Our objective is to bring together various parties within this new healthcare ecosystem and collectively explore alliances that can generate value.

We believe there are at least five major shifts to consider in healthcare:

  1. From healthcare to health: Increased emphasis on lifestyle, prevention, and early diagnostics.
  2. Virtual Health(care): Concentrated care truly centered around the patient.
  3. Data-driven personalized ("N=1") health insights and interventions.
  4. Future of work in healthcare: A new 'what, where, and how' for healthcare professionals.
  5. New cash flows and revenue models: More focused on promoting population health.
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