University of Twente

Technology serves as a means to enable high-quality healthcare. Not only for diagnosis and treatment but also for improving quality of life and encouraging independent living.

Our aim is to have a significant impact on society, linking scientific excellence and fundamental research to clinical applications, from nano- to global scales. Ultimately, we bring our technology into the clinic or home environment. To achieve this, close working relationships with clinical and industrial partners are essential.

The Technical Medical (TechMed) Centre is a leading innovation hub that influences healthcare through excellent research, innovation, and educational programs. The TechMed Centre is equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure, ranging from research laboratories to preclinical test beds and simulated hospital environments.

In our mission to impact society, we foster entrepreneurship and collaborate with the industry, hospitals, governments, and insurance companies to develop new healthcare solutions. To make an impact, we are a member of the ICT&health Innovation Partner Group, interpreting developments and sharing expertise to accelerate the scaling of healthcare transformation.

University of Twente
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