Artur Olesch

Editor - ICT&health international

We often hear and read, that digital health innovations are disrupting medicine, reforming the conservative system. I don’t think so. Not technologies itself, but only we all are able to make healthcare resilient, modern and more accessible. Innovations are here to support us, not to disrupt. Let’s bridge ICT and health.

I’m honored to be part of the  ICT&health International team. My goal is to translate digital transformation into engagement and action. Already since 17 years I’ve been working in healthcare, many years as a digital health journalist, researcher, blogger and international correspondent with a focus on ICT and digital technologies. Over the next years we will be experiencing changes that we haven’t even dreamt about. That’s why digital health is for me so fascinating and inspiring. It creates new answers for old questions.

ICT&health International presents the wide spectrum of the digital transformation in healthcare in an objective, sharp and understandable way, including different perspectives and opinions. Working for an international magazine with such a great tradition and experience is a big challenge. The mission of ICT&health is to be a reliable and up-to-date source of news and knowledge for all stakeholders, healthcare industry representatives and patients, regardless of the digital health literacy, language or country.

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