40 percent hospitals will roll out digital transformation initiatives in 2017

13 March 2017
Healthcareorganizations will make great strides in terms of technological renewal, both in terms of workflow and patient care. Digital transformation, the new hype in the world of IT, will embed itself in healthcare institutions in 2017. In a new survey, IDC, in projects that while only 10 percent of providers and payers are currently actively executing digital transformation initiatives, this number will reach 42 percent among providers in the next year.

Not only that, 58 percent of payers (such as healthcare insurance companies, government agencies) will be undergoing digital transformation in the same time, according to the survey by IDC Health Insights research director Jeff Rivkin.

Pilot programs become reality

His report, “Payer and Provider Investment Plans for Digital,” concludes that pilot programs gestating across systems for both providers and payers are ready to be put into action. Most of those existing digital transformation initiatives are at the moment in a pilot or research phase, IDC noted, with digital transformation making up 30 percent of their new initiatives.

Paying stakeholders in the health ecosystem are now investing more in digital technologies to transform the consumer experience and the operating model, especially in cloud, Big Data, analytics, and security, the survey sees. And not surprisingly, IT departments are ahead of business groups in considering digital transformation.