8 Healthcare & Digital Health Predictions For 2019

18 December 2018
In 2019, digital health will come of age. Favorable reimbursement policies for clinically relevant digital health applications will expand care delivery models beyond physical medicine. 2019 will be a reality check for two of the most hyped healthcare technologies of this decade – Artificial Intelligence (AI) and blockchain – predict experts from Frost & Sullivan. Globally, 2019 will be a year of value-based care. Access to affordable and quality care will be a key political agenda for upcoming elections in emerging markets such as Asia, Africa, and Central and Eastern European countries. Non-traditional players with digital technologies, such as Amazon, Ali Health, Microsoft and IBM, will provide the required impetus to public health systems to ensure accessibility and affordability of care. Top 8 predictions for global healthcare for 2019:
  • 15% of global healthcare spending will be tied to Value-based Models.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) for healthcare IT Application will cross $1.7 billion by 2019. By operationalizing AI platforms across select healthcare workflows would result in 10–15% productivity gain over the next 2-3 year.
  • Digital health tech catering to out of hospital will grow by 30% and cross $25 billion.
  • Asia becomes the New Local Innovation Hub for Global Drug and Device OEMs.
  • Analytics shifts from Big Data to Meaningful Small Data by Hospital Specialty. By end of 2019, 50% of all healthcare companies will have resources dedicated to accessing, sharing, and analyzing real-world evidence for use across their organizations.
  • Healthcare will be a dominant vertical in voice applications.
  • Blockchain move from Hype to Real Initial Commercial Implementations generating ROI. By end of 2019, 5%-10% of healthcare-focused enterprise blockchain applications will move from pilot stage to partial/limited commercial availability.
  • Innovative private insurance models shake up healthcare payer industry.
  [caption id="attachment_25608" align="alignright" width="640"] In digital health transformation we need to change questions we ask and what we are trying to achieve. We shouldn’t focus on the mirage of technology but on what really matters – the patient.[/caption] “AI and machine learning will further evolve human and machine interaction. More specifically, AI will begin to see fruition, particularly in the imaging diagnostic, drug discovery, and risk analytics applications. Increasing cost burden from chronic health conditions and aging population will be the chief driver for digital health solution such as RPM devices, telehealth platforms, PERS, and mHealth applications”, predicts Reenita Das, partner and Senior Vice President of Healthcare and Life Sciences at Frost & Sullivan in her article for Forbes. It seems like finally digital health moves from theory and visions to practical applications and reality. What are your digital health predictions for 2019? Leave a comment on LinkedIn If you want to learn more about 8 healthcare predictions for 2019, watch the webinar on-demand "2019 Healthcare Predictions – Growth Opportunities, Technology, and Trends" by Frost & Sullivan (1h 11 min).