A wearable that diagnoses epilepsy

28 September 2016
Dataiku and Bioserenity, two French startups, have teamed up to create a wearable monitoring device. This device monitors patients at home in real-time and provides continuous EEG recordings, giving neurologists a glimpse into what's going on in the patient's brain. The device called “Neuronaute” combines smart clothing equipped with biometric sensors, a mobile app to process the data and a cloud platform called Medata.lab to analyse that data and sharing it with doctors.

"Data shared through the cloud can be accessed at any time by the doctor in charge of the patient," writes Bioserenity on its website. "The doctor can use the data for an optimized diagnosis and can view the response to a medical treatment and adjust it accordingly in real time."

Ten trillion measurements per day

Such a device generates a lot of data, 126 million measurements per hour to be exact. This amount of data results in a gigabyte of data for each device. The cloud platform can cope with up to 10,000 of those devices at the same time, which is equal to ten trillion measurements per day.

The product received safety certifications for Europe, but is not yet available in the United States. Several hospitals in Europe are now using the device for testing. "The project is particularly important to us because it has enabled us to take part in the development of what could be major transformations for the healthcare industry," said Florian Douetteau, CEO of Dataiku. "With Bioserenity, we're showing that the appropriate use of data could lead to tomorrow's ever more effective world of medicine and health."