Break the barriers and help build!

12 May 2024

ICT&health has created the unique opportunity to do a deep dive into the cover story of the year-end issue of ICT&health (Edition 6, 2023) with President of the Mayo Clinic Platform John Halamka MD MS on “Create the fear of missing out!”. Leaders in any role who want to contribute to a global health ecosystem are invited to this exclusive session on May 14 during the ICT&health World Conference.

A unique opportunity to learn from John Halamka's experience and how to build your own platform that connects to the global healthcare ecosystem, within the perspective of Europe, in discussion with Gabrielle Speijer MD, HIMSS Global Clinical Leader.

Discover how federated data can lead to the development of new (AI) technology for each individual health client and professional. “Break barriers and shape the future of global healthcare and reserve your seat for our session here,” says Gabrielle Speijer.