Breakthrough MRI-guided Cancer Treatment approved by FDA

March 7, 2017
Chris Raanes, CEO of ViewRay explaines: “It’s an MRI together with radiation treatment. As the doctor is delivering the beams to kill the cancer, we can see what’s going on.” ViewRay (VRAY) design, developes and markets radiation systems worldwide. They’ll start rolling out the new device to hospitals this year, Chris said.

A real breaktrough

“This is a real breakthrough in radiation treatment,” said Hank McKinell, former CEO of Pfizer (PFE). According to him we live in the “golden age of discovery and innovation. The ViewRay machine is a great example of how, with a much less invasive surgery, it is possible to destroy the tumour but spare nearby organs and spare nearby soft tissue.”

Raanes explaines that it can be used alongside chemotherapy and it helps treat cancer more aggressively and in less time than regular radiation treatments. “The other nice thing about this technology is that it’s efficient. Because you can see it so clearly, you can hit the cancer a lot harder.”