Cedars-Sinai makes patient app available on Apple Watch

5 October 2017
The Cedars-Sinai app has been developed to be a complete resource for managing medical records, connecting with care teams, and exploring all Cedars-Sinai has to offer. Patients and guests can locate the nearest hospital or urgent care facility, as well as get directions and call a location or provider ().

The app also provides a Find a Doctor tool that allows users to search for doctors by condition, procedure or the doctor’s name. “Whether patients are at one of our hospitals, medical offices or at home, our goal is to leverage technology to put their health records in their hands by meeting them where they are,”Dworkin adds.

New level of accessibility

By expanding access to the Cedars-Sinai app on the Apple Watch, the hospital can bring a whole new level of accessibility to our patients, beleives Matthew Pufall, mobile product manager at Cedars-Sinai. “We invite staff to download and explore the apps, because our goal is to become ambassadors for the digital tools and innovative features Cedars-Sinai uses to improve the patient experience.”

The free app for Apple Watch pairs with the iPhone and can be found in the App Store by searching “Cedars-Sinai.” The app is also available on the iPad and Android phones. Patients and families are able to explore the app on their favorite device by visiting iTunes or Google Play.

Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles uses Apple on more digital fronts, like HealthKit and other iOS offerings. Since March, patients can log in to their medical chart, click a download button, access a copy of their medical record, and port it to their Apple health app on a smartphone.