Daniel Forslund receives eHealth Leadership Award for stimulating ehealth policy

June 10, 2016
Named among important milestones were Forslunds efforts to place ehealth on the agenda of Swedish policy makers. He was responsible for negotiations that led to the First national ehealth strategy that Sweden adopted in 2005/2006. In the following years Forslund promoted ehealth within responsible Swedish government departments, in order to renewe and expand the ehealth strategy several times.
Forslund also succeeded in securing the political mandate and 240 million euros in funding for one of the largest investments ever in Swedish eHealth: the launch of the “3R Programme” for a large scale renewal of Electronic Health Record Systems in Stockholm County Council, that will be carried out in close collaboration with other Swedish Regions.

If that wasn’t enough, the commissioner was also hailed for being at the forefront of developing a news service, allowing patients to securely check out their EHR’s online. Offering this service will become mandatory for all health service providers as of October 2016.

Christina  Roosen,  Vice-President Public  Affairs  at HIMSS  Europe, praised Forslund for taking ehealth to the Ministerial level in the European Union for the first time,by producing a Presidency Report on eHealth during the Swedish Presidency of the European Council in 2009, which revealed
the alternative cost if governments did not invest sufficient funds in eHealth.