Danish operator TDC part of COPD remote healthcare pilot

11 July 2016
The regional administration’s  programme involves running COPD monitoring on a normal tablet. According to Peder Jest, medical director at Odense University Hospital, this will make the service easier for patients, who will be able to use it wherever and whenever is convenient. The hospital has already carried out 15,000 remote consultations and says patient satisfaction is high. Jest also sits on the joint steering group for distributing home health facilities for COPD patients.

The telemedicine solution is initially targeted at Odense University Hospital, writes TDC, but covers the entire Region of Southern Denmark. Other hospitals in the region will be able to participate in the coming years. Jest says in the future other categories of patients might be able to use the same remote solution as well.

The Danish Digitisation Authority last september announced a telemedicine programme for patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), epilepsy, prostate cancer, and anyone receiving chemotherapy. The programme is to be a joint venture by the national, regional and local governments. In the COPD  pilot patients would be provided with home monitoring equipment to measure their blood pressure and bloody oxygen saturation, and to weigh themselves.

TeleCare Nord, the health services provider for Denmark’s North Jutland region, said last march that telemedicine is financially efficient in treating patients with COPD, but not for treating all COPD sufferers. TeleCare Nord project director Tina Heide believes this shows the need to target the service towards people with severe cases of the disease.