Denise Silber Joins The International ICT&health Editorial Board

4 February 2020
Digital Health

Denise Silber is a leading digital health strategist, communicator, and influencer. She founded and manages Doctors 2.0 & You, bringing digital health tools, start-ups, and patient engagement sessions to events for physicians internationally. With her combined experience as a senior pharma executive, a digital health entrepreneur, and a communicator, Denise is a frequent master of ceremonies and keynote speaker for diverse healthcare audiences internationally and also a marketing advisor to start-ups.

Denise was awarded the French Legion of Honor in 2011, for her contribution to eHealth, and recognized as one of the InspiringFifty women in tech in France in 2018. An ex-New Yorker, Denise did her undergraduate degree in Government at Smith and was a US Foreign Service Officer,  before receiving her MBA from Harvard. Based in Paris and fully bilingual, Denise serves as vice-president of the Harvard Club of France.

Global expert

Wearables and AI in healthcare are among the many technologies that Denise has been following for some time. “In the early days of eHealth, I thought that the trifecta would be 1) access to the web including Medline and forums plus 2) Telemedicine and 3) Electronic Medical Records. A decade later, I created the acronym “SoLoGloMoGaBi” for my keynote at Doctors 2.0 & You, to highlight the importance of Social Media with its local and global reach, Mobile Apps, Serious Games, and Big Data,” says Denise Silber.

“The following year, we ran the first conference step challenge in Europe by distributing a step tracker connected to a leader board app.  The next frontier is always “the” one we chase: AI, blockchain, genomics. But what about the artificial pancreas,  cancer follow-up apps, VR headsets for therapeutic purposes? Shouldn’t we concentrate on getting wide-spread use for these applications?” emphasizes Denise.

I follow the game-changing moments in digital health as they relate to innovation in care

Denise has participated in many projects in digital health, for example, a start-up for international second medical opinions via telemedicine, codes of ethics for eHealth in Europe and the US,  the conception of virtual professional communities,  demonstrating the value of connected pacemakers and defibrillators or a connected fork for better-eating behaviour, upgrading the digital platform for an online kidney patient community,  and coming soon, a web resource for therapeutic VR.

What can you expect?

We asked Denise about the topics she would like to share with the readers of the ICT&health Int. “I follow the “game-changing” moments in digital health as they relate to innovation in care, the respect of the patient, improving work conditions for professionals,” answers Denise. “I then try to see how these game-changes impact on the existing trends, where innovation is headed, and which information might be both useful and original. By definition, all trends are of interest. Chief among these are therapeutic Virtual Reality, holistic innovations that improve care, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain. But if there is a breakthrough tomorrow in telemedicine or EMR’s, I’m on it!” adds Denise.

We are happy to welcome Denise Silber, who joins us from Paris, France, our 13th city and 9th country, to be represented on the ICT&health International Editorial Board.