Ehealth co-operation to reduce bowel problems

May 24, 2016
According to a press release the new programme, funded by Ferring Pharmaceuticals and governed by North Zealand University Hospital, is based on an eHealth platform that empowers patients to self-monitor and self-treat by enabling them to screen for disease activity, act proactively on their symptoms and increase adherence to therapy.

During the partnership, North Zealand University Hospital will also evaluate the role of the microbiome in patient responses to different treatments in an eHealth setting. North Zealand University Hospital is said to have a deep understanding of the human microbiome, whilst Ferring Pharmaceuticals is active in the area of gastroenterology. This gives them a mutual interest in expanding research in this area.

In her clinical practice, IBD patients who are monitored by an eHealth programme have a reduced time-to-remission, Professor Pia Munkholm is quoted. “This effect is linked to the patient’s ability to more tightly monitor their condition on the web than in a standard care setting, giving users of the eHealth programme the opportunity to detect a relapse sooner.