FocusCura launches iOS eHealth solutions for home care

8 June 2016
As (the first Dutch) Apple mobility partner, FocusCura states it is now able to get its health care apps in the hands of more caregivers and patients while leveraging the latest features of iOS combined with design and user experience guidance from the team at Apple. The new e-health solutions will be available from Apple Premium Resellers throughout Europe, starting in the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, and Denmark. Home care organizations and hospitals in the these countries (with other European countries to follow) can offer the applications as services to their clients, improving efficiency and quality of care.

Maintaining affordable health

Dr Daan Dohmen, founder and CEO of FocusCura, believes eHealth and home automation are becoming increasingly important for maintaining affordable health care and helping people live independently for as long as possible. At the same time, many of the remote health care warning systems on the market today are based on outdated technologies. Since today's consumers are used to doing pretty much everything on their smartphones or tablets, developing a new generation of health care technology, including new apps for iPhone and iPad, make implementation on a large scale more feasible. To enhance adoption, FocusCara also managed to integrate the new solutions digitally into existing EMR's in home- and hospital care.

The FocusCura tele monitoring solution consists of a range of connected vital sign measurement devices for chronic patients with COPD, heartfailure and hypertension. It can detect severe health issues in an early stage and transmit the information through a mobile app. Health care providers are immediately notified via their iPhone or iPad. The FocusCura app for ambulant nurses, doctors and their patients makes it possible for patients to use a remotely managed adressbook to see availability of and connect with their care team through video.

Preventing unnecessary admissions

"Our solutions guarantee the quality of care and contribute directly to helping vulnerable people maintain their independence," says Dohmen. "This, in turn, prevents unnecessary admissions to nursing homes and hospitals. Our apps for iPhone and iPad also support health care professionals with features like remote communication and integration with HealthKit, as less travel time and instant access to mobile data give them more time for hands-on care." 

Dohmen continues, saying FocusCara chose iOS as the platform for its mobile solutions as it offers the most secure user experience, and by integrating with key technologies like HealthKit and iOS Accessibility features, the company knows that data will always be in the patient’s control and encrypted.

The first Apple Premium Resellers to offer the FocusCura e-health solutions are ATEA in Sweden and Amac and Scholten Awater in the Netherlands.