Forget Telemedicine Kiosks. This Clinic Drives Itself To A Patient

Friday, September 28, 2018
Digital Health
Imagine an autonomous vehicle that enables self-guided diagnostics, telemedicine consultations, access to common pharmaceuticals and emergency transport if needed. While many companies are developing so-called telemedicine kiosks, this revolutionary idea could work much more better in the forthcoming era of self-driving cars. A visit could be ordered via a mobile app. A clinic on wheels – optimized for self-assessment – comes where the patient is located. This is how healthcare becomes literally available everywhere.   driving hospital  

Healthcare and pharmacy on demand

The Aim mobile clinic is equipped with bridge diagnostics like thermography, imaging and breath analysis. The unit features built-in pressure sensitive scale to measure weight, BMI, balance, and posture, a seat providing an acoustic analysis of respiration and cardiac rhythm, and controlled lighting that facilitates assessment via image recognition. Surround displays provide AI-driven real-time instructions to the patient. A telemedicine consultation with a specialist from participating fleet partners is at the fingertips. The Aim clinic can also provide immediate transport to the emergency room, reducing the critical time to get the patient into a clinical environment.
The mission of Aim is to close the data, experience and logistical gaps between home and clinical environments
Aim’s mobile clinic minimizes the logistical burden on the patients and makes them more likely to engage in their care, before conditions and costs escalate. At the same time, Aim helps clinicians focus on the more complex cases, where higher expertise is needed. The car dispenses most frequently needed pharmaceuticals, like prescription analgesics, antibiotics or contraceptives. This is just a pure concept. But Aim shows how to combine autonomous vehicle, artificial intelligence, telemedicine, augmented reality and other technologies to create a brand new concept of healthcare. Would you order a visit at this mobile clinic? Source: Artefact Group