Getting fit with a personal trainer on the go with Gixo

1 June 2017
Founders Selina Tobaccowala and Al Lieb both have extensive knowledge of marketing to mass-markets. They also both have an history with Greylock Partners, a venture capital firm which led the first investment round, resulting in $3.7 million in funding. With Reid Hoffman from Greylock Partners as a new board member, Gixo hopes to eliminate time and motivational obstacles for everyone who wants to work out, but can’t seem to find the time of motivation to do so.

Personal trainer in your pocket

The app offers, in some ways, a personal trainer for everyone. Of course, there is no one standing in your living room and physically motivating you, but the face on the screen of your phone does motivate you. The live coaches work specifically for Gixo. These coaches teach different classes several times a day, ranging from outdoor to indoor. The classes take up 15 to 40 minutes, during which users walk, run or train their strength using their own bodyweight. Offering so much variety in classes will eliminate the usual fitness excuses, or so the founders hope. All the classes are now up on the app.

Experience oriented

The app very much relies on the experience of working out. Gixo hired a DJ to create custom motivational tunes. The community aspect of the app is another motivator. People can encourage each other, have a bit of competition going and make sure everyone keeps following the classes.

Tobaccowala and Lieb based this on their own childhood experiences: playing in a team made working out a lot more fun. It is also possible for users to invite friends to join, so they can work out together even when they’re not in the same physical space.

The app is launched both on Android and iOS. A subscription costs $24 every month, or $19 if you decided to sign up for the entire year. The first month is free. This is a bit more expensive than the most basic gym, but a lot cheaper than hiring a personal trainer. The real impact of the app, and how much it actually motivates people to work out, remains to be seen.