Glooko and Ascensia team up to integrate diabetes management Technologies

4 February 2017

It also benefits healthcare providers

The current integration allows Glooko products to access blood glucose data to be accessed directly by Contour Next One and Contour Plus One, products made by Ascensia, a pair of connected glucometers that received FDA clearance last year. The data from people with diabetes can be read in  both Glooko's mobile and web apps, and in the Contour Diabetes App from Ascensia. The integration also benefits healthcare providers, who can integrate Ascensia devices and Glooko's clinician-facing dashboard into a cohesive workflow.

"Glooko's Diabetes Data Management Platform has become widely used for both personal and clinical diabetes data analytics and decision support," Michael Kloss, CEO of Ascensia Diabetes Care, said. "Glooko's broad distribution into health systems will enable us to easily and seamlessly deliver highly accurate data from our Contour Next One and Contour Plus One blood glucose monitoring systems to clinicians right in their workflow. By linking our systems to Glooko's Diabetes Data Management Platform, we want to enable better understanding and analysis of diabetes data, and ultimately help to improve the lives of people with diabetes."

Glooko likes partnerships

Glooko started with making dongles to connect different glucometers to smartphones. They have always engaged in a number of partnerships. Last month Glooko announced a major partnership with Novo Nordisk and a year ago the company merged with Sweden-based Diasend to expand its global footprint.

"The usability and accuracy of the Contour Next One and Contour Plus One blood glucose monitoring systems from Ascensia Diabetes Care is impressive and we are excited to bring this rich data into the Glooko platform to help both people with diabetes and their health care professionals manage this condition," said Rick Altinger, Glooko CEO.