Going to the doctor? Make an appointment with the S Health app

18 January 2017
Now, the company is prepping for the launch of a big new update to the S Health app. According to information Sam Mobile received, Samsung is working with American partners such as WebMD and Amwell to add deep integration of their services into the S Health app. The app will not only allow users to quickly search symptoms, diseases, and drugs through WebMD integration, but also schedule online visits to a doctor. S Health users can get video appointments with certified doctors 24/7 and get a list of nearby pharmacy stores.

The updated S Health app can store information regarding every appointment including symptoms, photos (for better identification of a condition), and medical prescriptions. Users can pay a doctor’s fee through the app using a credit card and also rate the doctor. There would also be an option to mention whether a user has a medical insurance. In the case of medical emergencies, users can also call 911 from within the app.

Storing private information

Of course, all of these features will allow the app to take in more private information, including details of the appointment, searches, photos and prescriptions, but also credit card and insurance information. There is no information available on how this personal data will be protected, for example by means of encryption.

Samsung is expected to launch the new S Health features in the US alongside the new Galaxy S8 flagship smartphone, probably late February, early March.