Healthcare Providers: The Route to Digital Transformation Success

5 February 2019
  1. Lead the definition of digital business ambition
Healthcare CIO’s have to ask if they are trying to optimise or transform the way their company does business then take the lead in setting the vision, business goals and appropriate measures of success for both.
  1. Identify, measure and communicate the gap between ambition and capabilities
The gap between the digital ambitions of executives and the ability to execute is typically very large. CIO's should identify, measure and communicate the gap in their firm’s ability to execute digital initiatives. This ensures expectations are realistic, transparent and achievable.
  1. Start a programmatic workforce skills improvement initiative
Currently, only 52% of healthcare firms have a digital dexterity program as part of their digital business strategy. For digital healthcare transformation, it is critical to make digital dexterity a top priority. To do this, the current workforce needs to be trained and motivated to gain the necessary skills for digital business.   If you have any questions about this article, please reach out to: Gloria Omale PR Manager, UK&I Gartner Direct: +44 1784 268792 | Mobile: +44 7701 307878