Hospitals Granted Permission to Pilot International Patient Summary (IPS) Implementation

19 September 2023
Digital Health
IHE has announced that hospitals are now permitted to embark on trial implementations of the International Patient Summary. The IPS profile serves as a vital instrument, collectively devised by standards development organizations, aimed at fostering global acceptance of IPS. Consequently, this marks a significant stride towards enhancing interoperability within the healthcare sector.

Standardized Patient Summaries

The primary objective of IPS is to facilitate the exchange of standardized patient summaries, a pivotal endeavor for delivering quality healthcare beyond national boundaries. In an era where people traverse the globe for work, vacations, and various activities, the demand for medical care abroad is steadily rising. IPS offers a solution to this growing challenge. One of the paramount benefits of this international patient summary is its potential to improve clinical outcomes, reduce costs, and significantly expedite treatment times. When a physician can swiftly access pertinent clinical information about a patient, including demographic data, allergies, diagnoses, and treatments, healthcare delivery becomes more efficient and effective. This is especially critical in emergency situations, where timely and informed decisions can be a matter of life or death.

IPS as an International Standard

What sets IPS apart is its status as a global standard for exchanging patient summaries. The profile has been developed through collaboration among various leading organizations, including the European Standardization Committee (CEN), HL7 International, the International Standards Organization (ISO), IHE International, and SNOMED International. Their collective expertise has culminated in a robust specification and associated tools to facilitate implementation.

Data Availability

IHE has ensured that the IPS profile seamlessly aligns with existing healthcare profiles and standards, aligning with IHE's mission to promote the use of standards and associated workflows to enhance data availability in healthcare.