HTC invests in VR software developer Surgical Theater

September 5, 2016
Surgical Theater has rolled out a surgical navigation advanced platform (SNAP for short), blending medical imaging with the latest gaming technology and 3D virtual reality systems. Platforms such as SNAP can serve as an advanced imaging tool for preparing and performing complicated surgery or cranial procedures, according to industry sources.

HTC is known for its smartphones, but it has suffered major setbacks in the last few years. Developing and investing in virtual reality devices, platforms and software has become a new focus point for the company. Another focal point is the consumer health market.

Earlier this year HTC launched a consumer healthcare platform under the name of UA healthbox. The conencted fitness system was developed in partnership with wearable developer Under Armour. The UA HealthBox measures, monitors and manages key health elements such as sleep, fitness, activity and nutrition.

Designed and manufactured by HTC and powered by the UA Record cloud system, UA HealthBox includes a fitness band, heart rate monitor and a smart scale that all connect with UA Record to provide insights into the user's health. The new UA Record app is available for download for Android and Apple devices. 

The UA Band is designed to be worn all-day, every day. It tracks daily activity, workouts and sleep and allows users to set daily goals and check their progress.  The chest strap and removable sensor help individuals monitor intensity during their training and calculate calories burned. Combined with the UA Record app, the UA Heart Rate allows the user to customize heart rate zones.