Ifa 2018: Huggable Sleep Robot Helps To Fight Insomnia

20 September 2018
The world’s first sleep robot was introduced to the world markets at IFA, Europe’s most important innovation show.  The Somnox Sleep Robot works by using scientifically proven cognitive and simulated human breathing techniques to accelerate the process of falling asleep. Its users snuggle the Sleep Robot and subconsciously replicate the physical sensation of falling and rising of the breathing of the robot. Research has shown that breathing is essential to naturally reduce stress and increase relaxation. Soothing sounds such as meditative music, ambient sounds and cognitive shuffling are included in the accompanying app, which is available on both iPhone and Android smartphones. Users can also upload their own audio files to the app. Personal preferences can be set during the day and ensure a tailored approach to improve the user’s sleep during the night. Being huggable and soft, the robot makes the user calmly doze off again.
A cure for insomnia? For sure an ideal sleeping companion
“Knowing about sleep is nice and there are plenty of products out there that help track your sleep, but it's time for a device like the Sleep Robot that actually does something to help you get to sleep,” says Somnox co-founder, Julian Jagtenberg. “The Sleep Robot is the ultimate sleep companion for people who want to fall asleep faster, sleep longer and wake up naturally feeling better. Our mission is to create soft robotic companions for personal wellbeing that impact our daily happiness, and this robot is our first step in that direction.”  Somnox received feedback from more than 5,000 people over the course of 24 months of research and development, which resulted in hundreds of prototype iterations. The company carried out 57 intensive sleep trajectories with selected test sleepers. Founded in 2015, Somnox is headquartered out of the YES!Delft Tech Incubator in The Netherlands.