iGlucose System for diabetes patients receives FDA clearance

24 May 2017
Apps and track devices for those struggling with diabetes have been coming in strong the past couple of months. Innovations range from a smart insulin delivery system to blood glucose monitoring systems, to apps that predict the impact of particular foods on an individual’s blood sugar levels. With the iGlucose Blood Glucose Monitoring System, another online diabetes assistant has entered the playing field.

How it works

The iGlucose System gives patients access to both an individual iGlucose Meter and the iGlucose Web Portal. The iGlucose Meter and corresponding test strips give the patient insight in their blood glucose results, using only 0.75 µl of blood. Patients get their results, which are up to ISO 2013 standards, in five seconds. The results are automatically shared with the Cloud and with the patients’ Circle of Care (family, friends and healthcare team).

The immediate connecting with this Circle of Care is of great importance to the developers with Smart Meter, LLC. According to the company, many people with diabetes tend to feel lonely while tending to their health. By sharing their results, loved ones and healthcare professionals are involved in day-to-day care, and thus can support their friend or family member better.

Automatic communication with the cloud

The iGlucose Meter connects with the Cloud. The user has access to the Cloud through the iGlucose Web Portal. To register on the portal, the user needs the meter's serial number and their diabetes information. Stats and test results are entered into the cloud automatically, leaving the user to simply test their blood glucose. The portal sends reminders to do so, as well as personalized diabetes tips and coaching suggestions. People in the patients’ Circle of Care will receive real-time alerts, informing them that the patient has had a glucose reading. The portal integrates the person's diabetes data in charts, graphs and an e-diary to display trends, using the iGlucose Coach.

Data for health professionals

The portal also makes sure that healthcare professionals have access to all relevant health data. This makes it possible for the physician to focus on those patients that are in need of help, recreating triage, but digitally. It also means that patients’ charts are up-to-date 24/7.

Smart Meter, LLC states that the price of test strips and the meter will be equal to or less than comparable systems of leading brands.