Invitation: Get insight into the cutting-edge medicine of the future

July 29, 2019

What’s next in healthcare?        

The medicine of the future is connected – across disciplines and care sectors. And it is becoming more precise, thanks to Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and Deep Learning as well as Robotics, Molecular Diagnostics and Genomics allowing for personalization and better therapy outcomes. Health workers in medicine, nursing, and administration are relieved from some of their routine tasks – and they take improved therapy decisions based on electronic records independent of time and place as well as on comprehensive clinical decision support systems. Relationships between care provider and patient are changing fundamentally.

The promises of new approaches for routine, research, and development, as well as medical education, are steep – but so are the caveats on the part of some players who cite data privacy and fear job losses. This is where XPOMET Medicinale steps in.

5000 attendees, hackathon and exhibition

In October 2019, participants will travel to Germany’s capital from all over the country, from Europe, and beyond: organizers expect more than 5,000 attendees and 150 renowned speakers. In 15 workshops and Think Tanks as well as in showcases carried out by more than 200 innovative companies, participants will experience how new methods and models of business and care providing in medicine, nursing, and life sciences will transform the delivery of care.

The agenda is rounded off by a hackathon. That format will offer a platform to information scientists, physicians, patients, as well as further professionals for creating new concepts and solutions. DJs, musicians, and art performances will provide an atmosphere which motivates attendees to open up their minds to new approaches.

The third day of XPOMET Medicinale will open its doors to citizens. It will enable them to find information and to exchange opinions with experts and other patients – or to develop ideas for prevention and healthier life.

The conference program

Leading international experts will present the future trends in medicine and nursing., Two days packed with up-to-date know-how will offer the best from the global ecosystem of care and visions for hospitals, GP offices, and for the elderly living at home supported by carers and technology.

Speakers will include:

•  Dr. Auma Obama, Auma Obama Foundation

•  Gurjit Singh – past ambassador of India in Germany

•  Dr. Karen E. Nelson, President, Craig Venter Institute

•  Dr. Julianne McCall, Science Officer, California Governor’s Office

•  John Nosta, Nosta Lab, USA

•  Pascale Ehrenfreund- Research Professor Space Policy, Space Policy Institute

•  Viktoria Modesta – internationally renowned (prosthesis) model

•  Dr. Rafael Grossmann – Faculty, Singularity University

•  Dr. Jonathan Kimmelman – Professor, Biomedical Ethics, McGill University

•  Dr. Aubrey de Grey - Chief Science Officer, SENS Research Foundation

•  Dr. Rasu B. Shrestha - Chief Strategy Officer, Atrium Health

•  Professor Shafi Ahmed - Faculty Member, Harvard Medical School

•  Andrew Thompson - President / Chief Executive Officer, Proteus Digital Health

•  Dr. Taslimarif Saiyed CEO, Centre for Cellular and Molecular Platforms

•  Dr. Eyal Zimlichman, Chief Medical Officer, Sheba Medical Centre

•  Jaanus Pikani, initiator of the Estonian Genome Project

Where and when?

Berlin, Arena
October 10th to 12th, 2019